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Residential Electrician Services

house wiring

New House Wiring

We specialize in working with homeowners to help them create their dream home. Letting the homeowner control such minute details as receptacle and switch placement ensures a level of satisfaction that other electrical contractors do not achieve. Also by working directly with the homeowner, we can make suggestions for lighting or other options that wouldn't occur to many people.

Interior Lighting and Remodeling


Kitchen and bath remodels are excellent times to bring those areas of the house up to date to the latest code requirements. It's also a great time to change the lighting in those areas. Feel free to give us a call and we can go over some suggestions of ways to improve the lighting in an area of your house.

Service Upgrades

Since many insurance companies won't insure houses with fuse panels anymore, now it's more important than ever to upgrade to a circuit breaker panel. Do you already have a circuit breaker panel but need more room? We can install services in 100 amp, 200 amp, and 400 amp sizes.

Fixing Inspection Issues

Whether you are buying or selling a house, there are often electrical items that come up during home sale inspections. We can take care of those items quickly so you can get on with your closing. We can also do an electrical inspection to give you an idea of what types of violations inspectors look for.

landscape lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a great way to make your home stand out. By accenting architectural or landscaping features, you can give your home a unique look as well as making it feel warm and inviting to visitors.

Audio and Video Wiring

Have you been thinking about making a home theater in your house? Let us help you design and install your home theater to give you the biggest WOW for you buck. We can also design and install whole house audio systems so you can enjoy music in several rooms throughout you house.